Trump verses Clinton and the media 

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Many of you are tiring I am sure  of the constant barrage of political advertisements but in less than a month it will be all over. The really important stuff, however,  you don’t get to see because of a media that has become  far from the objective observer that we once knew. The now leaked daily emails of the Clinton staff that trash, Catholics, Evangelicals, Latinos and others never gets reported to the fullest. Were it not for the internet the masses would be completely in the dark as well as it seems ignorant.

Why is it that Hillary needs to have the questions before hand given to her by CNN? Isn’t she smart enough to think on her feet?

Granted Trump was not my first or second or even third choice but now he is my only choice. I hope he is yours too. Imagine how wealthy the Clintons will become if in the White House. They amassed over $150 million by her just being a Senator and the Secretary of State!


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Have you noticed that Tom Brady and this whole Deflategate matter gets more question from the media that Hillary Clinton has gotten about her private emails?

The world certainly is upside down.

The 2016 presidential election season seems to have been going along since 2013 and the bias of the media is alive and well. Carly Fiorina has had over 80 questions from the media while Hillary has had 8, and she answered none of them.

Time to plan… 

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The year is almost half over and it is time to see where we are against our plan. What you have no plan? It isn’t too late. Some of us got a rude awakening when we filed our taxes, we did not know we were in the 1%, wasn’t that what “The Dear Leader” said would be taxed and it was only fair that everyone pay their fair share?  Besides the increase in the tax brackets, the Medicare charge went up, fees when up and it seems we owed more, much more than last year. My plan was off in this regard.

Planning also means getting your house in order. Not just for estate issues but also our bodies to delay the estate issues. It seems the older we get the more in need of repairs, you probably thought that only applied to houses and cars but our bodies are in need of it too. No matter how much we try to change our diet or exercise amounts it doesn’t seem enough.

Attitude is also in need of adjusting too. No matter how much I would like to see the current Administration out of office they have another two years plus. The mid term elections are a way to mute their power further. Although they seem to feel they can break the law and do whatever they want. Patience is a virtue and I guess it is time to practice such.

So for the last half of the year it is time to make a plan for our health, our wealth and our welfare. Are you all in?  To get started pick just one thing you are committed to do over the next six months and track your progress. If it is health do it, if it is savings for the future or rainy day do it, if it is to help change the make up of Congress get involved and do it.

Wright Brothers… 

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Finally had a chance to visit the site of the first powered flight by man in NC.  The National Park Service has done a very nice job of telling the story of these pioneers. The winds were opposite the prevailing winds but you really got a feel for what it might have been like for these two guys.  Their primitive shack showed how difficult it must have been to spend the nights on the dunes.  The only disappointment was no mention that I could see about the guy who gets little, but certainly deserves more acclaim, Charles Taylor. Taylor was the mechanic/engineer who built or maintained the engines used by the brothers and who tended the maintenance of the business back inOhio while the two were in NC for most of their experiments.

a little off the beaten path to get to but a good history lesson. If you have a small plane you can fly right onto the prperty!

Spring Fever… 

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This time of year and especially after a winter like the one that has griped the USA these past four months has everyone a little cabin fever crazy.  The boys of summer are in the beginning of their preparation drills and hope springs in every major league city that this will be the year. If Cubs land they may be the exception!

The climate change acolytes are having a tough time explaining ten years of average temps remaining the same or declining and the glaciers growing rapidly! The Sun’s sleep period may have more to do with our temps than they may want to admit.





Did you see the POTUS interview? 

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How many out there thought that thee President was truthful and complete in his answers to Bill O’Reilly’s questions?  Can you believe that he would not feel a termination of Kathleen Sebelius was warranted? This guy is more slippery than a grease pig.

I wonder how much of an effect this interview will have on the masses.


How do you rate them… 

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The great debate on talk radio is whether Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning and if Brady is the best  all of time!  It is so silly to me to even have the discussion.  The difference in some folks mind is the number of Super Bowl wins. If you use that metric about Super Bowl putting you in the discussion of whether or not you are elite  and if you are in the top rankings then  Dan Marino doesn’t enter into the discussion and Joe Flacco and Trent Dilfur do, ridiculous.

The game of football is a team game. As witnessed this past Sunday a superior defense can and most of the time will dominate a superior offense. If you review Brady’s Super Bowl wins the Pats had superior defenses for their three SB wins they probably would have won with an average offense and in their first win Brady was just average.  Yet the yahoos at WEEI make the case that Brady is better because of Super Bowl wins. they even suggest he is better than Montana. They also  ignore that it has been over 6 years since Brady has sniffed a Bowl appearance.  Meanwhile Peyton not winning makes him a choker and a fraud!

Let’s agree that both Brady and Manning are elite QB’s as are Dan Marino, Drew Brees,  Bret Favre, Troy Aikman,  Roger Staubach, Montana, Young, Bart Starr and Aaron Rogers.

I guess it is just the nature of talk radio to create controversy to gin up the activity on the phone lines.


Going to pot… 

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A lot has been debated about the legalization of pot and some states are moving in that direction and some, most notably CO has already. I listened to “our dear leader” suggest that marijuana isn’t any  different than alcohol. This has been contradicted by several leading medical professionals. One yesterday said the effects of  getting drunk on booze may last several hours after you stop while marijuana’s effects can last several days if not weeks!

I am torn about this issue and feel that some  medical use of this drug should be allowed for those in need like chemo patients and the criminal charges should, at least  be lessened without jail time if abused by others. Conflicting views but not contradictory at least in my mind.

In many ways I am a libertarian on issues of personal liberty but I also demand  personal responsibility. Society has created  rules and laws to create order and by mutual acceptance we follow them for the good of the order. However the Constitution  is supposed to protect each of us from over reach by the government. As they did with the prohibition era, the current treatment of marijuana has created criminals needlessly.  If  advertising of  negative the effects of cigarettes and driving while drunk is the answer to keep kids from starting or driving impaired  why isn’t that the appropriate course for use of pot  instead of a jail cell?




Global Climate Change or warming by whatever name… 

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Al Gore is at it again but now the cause of Global Climate change and how we can control it is by “Fertility Management!  Yeah right! Haven’t the Chinese been trying to do that for over fifty years, where did that get them. This guy is in a word a lunatic!  There have been many respectable and serious scientist who have studied weather cycles and changes in weather patterns as well as the activity of the Sun. It seems like the lack of activity on the surface of the sun and the cooling that has taken place over the last several years on that orb may have more to do with our weather than these accolades of The Church of Global Warming are willing to admit. Average temps have not risen for over a dozen years and some have suggested a mini ice age is before us.

We seem to feel that because some suggest mankind is to “blame” that this is true.  Yet for all the carbon emissions that have been reduced a recent volcanic eruption has eliminated all that and produced much more in  a short time. I guess Al Gore will want to levy a carbon tax on Mother Nature for her allowing the volcano to erupt. Lunatics all.

Two sentences… 

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authorship unknown:


These two, short sentences tell you a lot about our government and our culture:

1.    We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are Encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.  Funny how that works.
And here’s another one worth considering.

2.    Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about welfare running out of money?  What’s interesting is the first group “worked for” their money, but the second didn’t.